Blairsville PA Apartments & Indiana Pa Apartments Val de Sol Development
 270 Newport Rd, Suite 5
 Blairsville PA 15717

Blairsville PA & Indiana PA Apartments

Providing Blairsville PA Apartments for Wyotech &
Indiana PA Apartments for University of Indiana (IUP)
student housing and non-student rentals in
Blairsville and Indiana Pennsylvania areas.

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Blairsville PA Apartments & Indiana PA Apartments

Val de Sol Development provides a wide range of housing options in the Blairsville and Indiana PA area. In addition to providing housing and apartments to the general public, housing for Wyotech in the Blairsville PA area and Indiana University (IUP) students in the Indiana PA areas is also available.

Private one bedroom, two bedroom & three bedroom apartments are available. Private bedroom apartments start at $350 per month and include all utilities. One bedroom apartments start at $425 per month.

Blairsville PA & Indiana PA Apartment Locations
The Barnview Blairsville PA apartments are located three miles from the Wyotech campus in Blairsville PA with additional apartments as close as one and a half miles.

The Val de Sol Indiana PA Apartments are located three miles south of IUP in the Indiana PA area. Visit our locations page for a map and additional details for exact Blairsville PA and Indiana PA locations.

To be considered, each prospective tenant must complete and submit a Rental Application, a Lease Agreement, and a Parental Guarantee form (for students only which ensures the rent will be paid and the lease enforced). For current and upcoming availability, contact us for specifics.

Our Blairsville PA apartments and the Indiana PA apartments are both located in pleasant settings. All tenants including students are required to respect fellow tenants and area neighbors.

Consideration of others safety and privacy including driving to and from the apartments in a safe and controlled manner to protect fellow tenants, neighborhood children, walkers, and bicyclists is mandatory. Tenants failing to comply with these requirements may be evicted.


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